Design - Photo


March 2016

The perfect scenario, with a friend with an idea and with fire in the soul to make it real. Buenazo Bowls is not going to be the same without TigerKiss and TigerKiss is not going to be the same without Buenazo Bowls.

We started the adventure with a product photography session at the place where Buenazo was born and where it will forever be the Playa Hermosa operations center in the central Pacific of Costa Rica. Our goal is to surround the bowls of their natural essence: the beach, coconuts, sand and the sea.

After the photographs, we returned to our laboratory in San José to start the second phase of the project: Create the graphic language of Buenazo to design the first menu and with it open the first Buenazo in the first stage of Jaco Walk.

A little more than a year and 4 stores later we already did the second product photography session and a new menu to accompany them …

Ps: We leave this story with ellipses because we still have a lot to create and write.

It is not GOOD it is BUENAZO!

Product Photoshoot

Launch campaign

Audio visual production